5 Easy And Affordable Steps to Revamp Your Kitchen & Attract Buyers

Dated: June 11 2019

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5 Easy And Affordable Steps to Revamp Your Kitchen & Attract Buyers

By Chantelle Smith

June 11, 2019

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is where families tend to spend the most time together.  Because of this, buyers want a kitchen that feels like home -- and that is also functional.  A kitchen remodel can feel like a dautning task, but it doesn't have to be a hardcore overhual to get your kitchen looking refreshed and updated!  Let us help you revamp that kitchen on budget!


A new coat of paint can do wonders for making a room look completely different and updated.  When chosing a color to attract buyers, remember to go with a neutral color pallet.  White allows for the potential buyers to imprint in their mind what they'd do to make it there own.  Even if your potential buyer loves colors, they may not love the same color as you.  Give them a fresh pallette to work with in their minds eye.

DYI Cabinet Updates!

Cabinets and storage space are usually top of the list when buyers are looking at new homes.  But new cabinets are pricey! You can give your cabinets a face lift without breaking the bank.  Paint, again, can go a long way.  Choose a color that compliments your walls and stays in the neutral category.  Remember that there are tons of shades of almost the same color, and they can look different depending on the time of day.  Bring home a few swatches and pin them up.  Check them out in the morning and evening light. Once you've decided, break out the paint brushes, crank up the music, and get to painting! Those cabinets will look brand new!


Once you've painted your cabinets, finish them, your drawers and pantry door handles with new hardware.  Hardware completes the look, and is actually pretty cheap!  New hardware is typcally around $2 a piece.  Remember to pick a finish that can compliment many color schemes to help your buyers envision the room as their own. A dark nickel is actually a pretty hot ticket at the moment!


Updating your sink can be a huge selling point.  Sucken sinks are HUGE right now.  You can update this for a few hundred dollars.  If this isn't in your budget right now, just make sure you've cleaned your sink really well. Amonia cleaning supplies can really help get off grime and make it shine.  New fuacets also are a big selling point.  You can udpate this for less than a hundred dollars.  Remember, just like your cabinet hardware, keep the color neutral.  Nothing gold or super shiny.  A nickel finish is also popular here.


This one doesn't have to cost you a dime!! While having a fully fucntioning, easy-to-use kitchen may mean you have tons of gadgets on your countertops, it actually puts off potential buyers. If you counters seemed cluttered, the room appears to have less fucntioning work space.  Put away all the cool kitchen gadgets, create a junk drawer for all the odds and ends that come with daily life, and maybe find a cute basket to keep mail or important papers in.  Make sure they can invision themselves in the kitchen with all their gadgets with more than enough room.

All of this can be done for pretty cheap.  You can paint, update hardware, do a sink overhual, and declutter for about $500!  Now that's budget friendly!  

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